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Hate crimes force Jews out of Malmo


MALMO, Sweden

Marcus Eilenberg is a Swedish Jew whose family roots in Malmo run deep. His paternal grandparents were Holocaust survivors who found shelter in this southern Swedish city in 1945. His wife's parents fled to Sweden from communist Poland in the 1960s.

Now the 32-year-old law firm associate feels the welcome for Jews is running out, and he is moving to Israel with his wife and two children in May. He says he knows at least 15 other Jews who are leaving for a similar reason.

That reason, he says, is a rise in hate crimes against Jews in Malmo, and a sense that local authorities have little desire to deal with a problem that has exposed a crack in Sweden's image as a bastion of tolerance and a haven for distressed ethnic groups.

Anti-Semitic crimes in Europe have usually been associated with the far right, but Shneur Kesselman, an Orthodox rabbi, says the threat now comes from Muslims.

"In the past five years I've been here, I think you can count on your hand how many incidents there have been from the extreme right," he said. "In my personal experience, it's 99 percent Muslims."

Read the rest at Washington Times.

Nothing new under the sun! BUT! I can't help to wonder what definition of "extreme right" Mr Kesselman has. Does he mean nazis? THEY are NOT extreme right. They are infact extreme leftists, just as totalitarian and supremacist in their hive mind thinking as the other ideologies on the left like islam and communism. They share a similar belief system- even though their profets are named differently and lived in different times.
The grandfather of socialism was not Marx or Engels- it was muhammed (just can't spell mo´with a capital M).


Somalis in Gothenburg - a frightening reading

Link to a google translated stub in the newspaper Gothenburg Post.

Thanks to PI- Politically Incorrect

I'm being pessimistic here, but I cencirely believe that UK will be the first to fall- then Sweden follows shortly.

I'm frantically training my six year old in the English language (he is rather good at it), he should have a chance of travelling abroad to live a life in peace somewhere (USA) when he is old enough- If we live that long, that is...


The land of opportunity

Reacently a man from Egypt that has permanent recidency in Sweden was discovered not being in Sweden at all. Apparently he is "somewhere" in Cairo city.

I have no idea what the original grounds was for him to get PR. He eledgibly was 100% handicapped, forced to a life in a wheelchair and supposidely had 4-5 assistance workers to aid him in his daily life- poor man. On what possible grounds was this man let in to the country in the first place?

Over the past three past years the man has been admitted $ 1.25 miljon for assitance (which on the payroll sheets only was listed as names and date of births).

A check out by the social security service discovered an empty apartement seemingly non vacated with the wheelchair left behind. Now Cairo is not exactly handicapped friendly is it? The water locks was empty and very little electricity had been used for over a year. (It is very possible that someone or several other people had been living there over time earlier.)

Talk about happily dancing all the way to the bankoffice!

As the mean income for an Egyptian is $4500 annually, this guy has made it BIG TIME, all on the Swedish taxpayers expence.
The social service only audit every three years and it would not have been entirely impossible that they would have missed out of this one (as they have a record for) and that would have ment another + $ 1.25 miljon down the drain over the coming three years...

This is not the only case! There are many, many others. People that have never or hardly ever paid any taxes in Sweden that gets social security from the Swedish state, now living in their original countries. They even brag about it on different internet forums.

Meanwhile, pensioneres in elderly homes have their food rationed.

I had an accident a while ago. After 7 months I still have not got any treatment AT ALL despite having nerve damages to my spine, which has left me with a paralyzed shoulder and "funny legs". In the mean time my monthly income from the social security service has been $495. I kid you not!

So, dear Americans; that is what you can look forward to with Obamacare...

Also read this over at Every kinda people (Google translated).


Congress Passes New Law of Thermodynamics

In a bid to free the nation from foreign oil and bring its carbon footprint to naught, Congressional Democrats passed a new law of thermodynamics, which states, "From each according to ability; to each according to need." This should lead to real energy independence once supply of energy becomes independent of its demand.

In practical terms, the new legislation establishes a new energy regime called "greenergy," according to which supply will match demand based on need and not on any particular technology's ability. Under this scheme, alternating current (AC) will be replaced with alternative current. The new AC will work by adjusting the needy consumer rather than the supply. Said one Senator, "For alternative energy we need an alternative consumer. That much is clear."

This will be accomplished by attaching a series of government greenergy regulators to the energy grid at the user end, to adjust the customer need as required. In the unlikely event a government regulator loses efficiency or fails, causing a short-term shortage of greenergy available, the alternative empowerment proviso kicks in. In such an event the greenergy system will run a temporary energy budget deficit which will be paid back at a later date as new technologies come online.

"Finally alternative energies will be able to compete with traditional ones on an equal footing," said the Senator. "This bill allows the conservation of energy to conserve energy. What could be simpler or more obvious?"



In Sweden

In Sweden, if you want to pay (f. ex) a carpenter 300 (which he gets in his hand- taxed and ready) to do a job, you have to lay out 724 before taxes and to earn together that money, your employer has to pay you 1352 before taxes!

Sweden. The home of the poor and the land of?