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Link between child porn and Muslim terrorists discovered in police raids

Paedophile websites are being used to pass information between terrorists.

link between terrorism plots and hardcore child pornography is becoming clear after a string of police raids in Britain and across the Continent, an investigation by The Times has discovered. Images of child abuse have been found during Scotland Yard antiterrorism swoops and in big inquiries in Italy and Spain.

Secret coded messages are being embedded into child pornographic images, and paedophile websites are being exploited as a secure way of passing information between terrorists.

British security services are also aware of the trend and believe that it requires further investigation to improve understanding of terrorists’ methods and mindsets. Concerns within the Metropolitan Police led to a plan to run a pilot research project exploring the nature of the link. One source familiar with the proposal said that this could eventually lead to the training of child welfare experts to identify signs of terrorist involvement as they monitor pornographic sites.

Concerns have already been expressed at Cabinet minister level about the risk of vulnerable Muslim youths being exploited by older men.

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Going away for a while

Will be batteling the system at the hospital [again] to morrow.
Still waiting for the OP.
Not sure if I will be able to do any posts, but I will be reading all your's, if I get the chance.

It took "only" five hours. The physiotherapist said that:
"You have a ruptured Baker's cyst".
Thank you very much!
Then she wanted me to do excercises to hinder the loss of muscle mass.
Nothing that I don't allready do!
Just another 40 dollars and a day down the drain.


Lack of aid in "Swedish" provinces [in Afghanistan]

This is an article from Svenska Dagbladet. I have tried to translate it as well as I can. Every thing wrong is my fault.


Aid Sweden has the responsibility in Afghanistan for four provinces, but are being critizised for the lack of "rebuilding" the areas.

Mazar-e-Sharif In the village at the "slättlandet" [meaning flat land or plaines- not in the mountain areas]- there are no winds blowing and it is 35 C in the shadows allready early in the morning. Three girls in colored dresses are picking up water for their families. Nothing much seems to have happened since the prophet Muhammads time, it's only the flagon's that are missing.

The idyll is deceptous. Here are no well or porling fresh water. The girls fills their buckets from a dirty ditch.

-24 families collects their water from this small stream. We have problems with diarrhea and Cholera, explains Wadi Mamal in the village Sharlarzai, an hours cartrip from the city Mazar-e-Sharif; here there are no clean water or electricity.

We are in the province of Balkh, in the middle of the Swedish area of responsibility in Afghanistan. Through their military prescence, lead by NATO, Sweden has a PRT- Provincial Reconstruction Team.

When spoken of in Sweden, it is said that security and development goes hand in hand, but in the four "Swedish" provinces with two million inhabitants there are few Swedish development projects. In spite of the areas being relatively insurgent free. The exception being the province of Sar-e-Pol, there no help organisations works at all because the risc of being attacked are to great.

- There are nothing here; real roads, water and a functioning police force, says captain ­Roger Edelbro during leading a Swedish observation team in Sar-e-Pol.

The teams are Swedens link to the people here, but Swedish military forces are forbidden to give aid on a larger scale.

- Everybody here asks why there are so little development going on here. "Shall we be punished because we are keeping peace here. Is it war you need to give us some money?" vitnesses Captain Roger Edelbro.

As responsible for foreign forces in the area, Sweden often is the target for grudge and critics. In a letter to the UN- organ UNAMA, the governor of the Balkh province questions if Sweden should lead this PRT.

- The Swedish PRT are behaving very well. They are nice and councel us in matters of security. They respect our culture and our people. We regard and love them. My critics is aimed towards the re- development and the Swedish government, explains governor Ustad Atta Muhammad Noor.

The governor is a former school teatcher that became a warrior in the mujaheddin against the Soviet Union and then became one of the generals who defeated the talibans in 2001. He is a respected man of power but now his adversory is found in the remote country of Sweden.

-If you don't build up our provice- then we don't need your PRT, says govenor Atta and tells that other countries has invested between 50 and 120 million dollars in "their" PRT:s.

-But that is not the case here. The Swedes have been here for three years now but no rebuilding is done, there are to little development. The Swedish government should have a development program for the provinses. We have five-year development plans for roads, tunnels, clinics, hospitals and schools.

Today there are 300 Swedish soldiers. Should there instead be 100 soldiers and 200 aid workers?

-It's a good idea. Even with [only] 100 soldiers here the people and the enemy would feel that ISAF are present. Just them being here has an effect. If there are fewer soldiers here so money could be spent on aid instead, it would be a goo equation both for Sweden and our people, tells the governor.

Back to the village of Sahlarzai that lays in the governors own province. Here atleast something positive is happening. Half the village are on their feets to watch when the villages first water pump are taken in to action.

-We did not have clean water before and are very happy with the Swedish comiteé, says the village elder Abdul Rahman.

It is the Swedish Afghanistan commiteé (SAK) he is thanking. It is the members of SAK that have paid for the pump. For 26 years they have supported the people in one of the poorest and most dangerous countries in the world.

-The hand pumps is a good thing, it makes it harder for the terrorists to poison the water supply for the villages wich has happened a number of times, tells Per Olsson, an aid worker with extensive international experience of aid work.


But in the village of Sahlarzai, joy and beliefe in the future is the word for the day. Abdul Rahman takes the first sip of water from the newly installed water pump, then the other men, after that the boys- the girls have to wait shyly 15 meters away.


Ok. This is so wrong on so many levels that I don't even know where to begin. If I have the time I will do a deeper analys of it. But as you all are intelligent- I suppose you can figure it out for yourself.

Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden

Victoria the crown princess of Sweden
Has never had to do a deacent day's of work in her life.
She is now on a trip in India, who have nuclear weapons and their own space program- which does not hinder us to give 100 miljon in aid every year to them.

She is going on the gravy train- big time. Believe me, I have guarded her and the royal family several times. The chef at the royal castle- although being really sweet and a good cook- said that that was the worst gig she had ever had.

There are black BMW:s and fancy sports cars going in and out of the premicies all the time, and she is engaged with a... Tadamm! Gym owner!

Anyway, while in India, she got lost in the airport. The flight was delayed because of her. Officials say that she herself had to carry 10 suitcases!
Poor thing!

I'm sure that the security guards did nothing to help her! Uhuh...

We are living in the 21:th century. Give the pore bastard royal family what they deserve. An execution squad!
Just kidding. I just hate the fact that there are certain people living it big just because of inheritance. I don't mean that people should not reape the fruits of what their fathers and mothers have achieved, just that wheeling down on the rose peataled road is frigging naueseating.

She got booed by the other passangers when she finally arriwed- rightly so!
Give that poore excuse fore a family a normal way of life. Kick them out!
Then I would not have to pay for their Porche's, BMW:s, MB:s, Ferraris and what not.
Victoria could come and work at my place. I'll give here an extra dollar an hour for cooking my lunch meal- not that I think she has ever done that.
I think I would order in a pizza instead.

Shit- now I will have SÄPO (Secret Service) on my ass. Hope they like Peperoni pizza.



The ongoing financial crises are worse than a divorce.

I have lost half of my money, but still have my wife.

India is a nice place...

... I have heard. My sister and her husband has been there a number of times, and they higly recommend going there (atleast to some places).

It is a high tech nation. They have their own thermo nuclear weapons and recently sent off a probe to the moon in advance for manned expeditions there.

THAT does not hinder Sweden as a nation to give them 100 miljon bucks in aid!

Holy cow!

A 100 miljons!
What could I not do with that money?
I promise you that the elderly in the nursing homes here would get more than youghurt for dinner- it would be filet and Champaigne every day. (And maybe a trip to Goa for my self...)

Woman getting mutilated over McCain bumper sticker

PITTSBURGH -- Pittsburgh police are still questioning a 20-year-old woman who said she was robbed and assaulted at an ATM in Bloomfield because of her political views.

Ashley Todd, of College Station, Texas, said she was using an ATM at Liberty Avenue and Pearl Street just before 9 p.m. Wednesday when a man approached her and put a knife to her throat.

Police spokeswoman Diane Richard said the robber took $60 from Todd, then became angry when he saw a McCain bumper sticker on the victim's car. The attacker then punched and kicked the victim, before using a dull knife to scratch the letter "B" into her face, Richard said.

She further stated that the male actor approached her from the back again and hit her in the back of her head with an object, she doesn't know what the object was, causing her to fall to the ground where he continued to punch her and kick her and threaten to 'teach her a lesson' for being a McCain supporter," Richard said.

Read the rest

I'm sure that senator Obama does not like this kind of behaviour. But it tells a little something about his supporters. Leftist thugs will allways be leftist thugs...

OK, now it seems that the woman are a psychotic liar. That does not mean that I don't belive that some persons within the Obama cult could not have done a thing like this. Violence is and have allways been a trademark within the left, from the national socialists (nazis) to the facist movement (which contrary to popular believes are very much socialists) and communists with the hang-on social "democrates".


Upside down- Inside out

According to Expressen (SWE) an al qaida branch "wellcomes" the election of McCain for president of the USA.


Well- as it happens, the AQ- source means that that would be an incitament to keep doing terror bombings and other kinds of terror attacks.

So- correct me if I'm wrong. But does not this mean that AQ are in favour for Obama but would like McCain as the president just to have a reason to keep on with the violence?


Religious outcry sparks LittleBigRecall

LittleBigPlanet, one of this year's most-anticipated PlayStation 3 releases, won't be arriving in stores next week as expected.

The "social platforming" game is already gathering rave reviews, but it hasn't proven popular with one Muslim group, which issued a complaint to the game's publisher Sony concerning one background music track. Performed by award-winning Malian musician Toumani Diabate, the song quotes two verses from the Qur'an. Many Muslims consider the mixing of music and scripture to be deeply offensive.(my emphasis)

Why am I not surprised? Religious outcry! When I first read the headline I was sure it would be the Mormones, or the Jesuits- but no, how wrong I was. Hmmm?

If they keep the song in the game, that alone would make me go and buy the game, even though wailing quranic verses otherwise creeps me out.


Sorry for the delay, and rest assured, we are doing everything we can to get LittleBigPlanet to you as soon as possible," commented Patrick Seybold, Sony's US director of Corporate Communications, in a statement on the company's PlayStation blog.

I wonder what that will be? Censorship?


Sweden second in global tax league

Whohoo! Wer'e not in first place anymore!

"The overall amount of tax levied in the 30 OECD countries in 2006, the latest year for which data is available, was 35.9 percent of output, close to the record of 36.1 percent in 2000.Denmark and Sweden came first, each with a ratio of 49.1 percent."

"Provisional figures for 2007 showed tax revenues in Sweden dropping to 48.2 percent of output, while Denmark registered a 48.9 percent rate. "


Among the other OECD figures, the ratio for the United States was 28.0 percent, Canada 33.3 percent, Japan 27.9 percent, Finland 43.5 percent, Germany 35.6 percent, Ireland 31.9 percent, Poland 33.5 percent, Britain 37.1 percent and France 44.2 percent.

So no now I'm being taxed 0,9% less than before! Break up the Champaigne...
Well that's... Just swell.
Not to mention that everything- everything is cheaper in the USA than here. I mean- I can get a pair of Levi's jeans for half the sum in NYC that I would have to cough up here. Cars are two thirds a penny in USA. The only thing that the states can compete with us is energy prices, but we are getting there- really quick (except for the gasoline prices, which are half as much as they are here).

About the energy prices, and I mean electricity- we here in Sweden only produces 2/3 of the capacity we have. We have access to clean cheap energy in form of water turbine and nuclear power but we don't use it! Instead we import energy from the continent. Being that that energy is mostly from coal and oil energy plants (which means that it's much more expensiver, and-uhum- not really clean and environmetally friendly) and the fact that the energy prices are derived from the most expenivest source on the spot market, it means that ALL energy prices are set at the highest market prices.

How hard is it to understand? Krikey, I think I have to run for office. Nah! Then I would be just another crooked bastard.

Spot market! WTF?


Ok! I'm nagging, but once again.

In 2003 New York had:
591 homicides, Sweden had 189.
NY had 1789 rapes,Sweden had 2565.
NY had 18764 aggravated assualts, Sweden had 65175.
NY had 29207 burgularies, Sweden had 122700.

NY have almost 1.5 times the population that the whole of Sweden has.
If Sweden were a city; where would you choose to live?

And I promise you that the numbers has not gone down here since then!

Source: National Council for Crime Prevention 2003.

(About the murder rates- you have to keep in mind that it is very hard to get someone convicted for murder here in Sweden. Most killers are just senteced for manslaughter.)

Back in the USSR

Going away to the hospital again. The last time the doc said to me that "You have a ruptured Baker's cyst" and gave me a couple of crutches and a note for 14 day's of sick leave. Then they charged me 42 dollars- for something that I allready knew.

Today I finally got me a call in for MRI. It will take place at the 25:th of October.
But my sick leave ended yesterday, so I will have to find myself a way to crutch me over to the hospital again for some guy to tell me- "You have a ruptured Baker's cyst!"

The last time I was there it took over four hours.
I'm loosing a ton of money while beeing on sickleave!
I don't want to be on sickleave!
They say it's because of the nurses strike for higher salaries earlier on this year. They are swamped with backlog jobs.

Thank you very much!

When I was a manager at a petrol station we were not allowed to go out on strike, because we were seen as an important asset to the society. WTF?

But I understand- it must be hard to earn more than a police or a firefighter...

And now I will be charged another 42 dollars.
And a day of my life goes down the drain.

It took only two hours (not counting in messing with the state owned insurance company and my employer).
But the doc was helpful, he said:
"You have a ruptured Baker's cyst!"

Kidding- he also booked me in for surgery.
Finally something is happening!
Oh! I allmost forgot. The surgery will be done in a private clinic. One of the few excisting in Sweden.
Atleast that is a piece of luck.


EU madness II

It's difficult to beat the efforts to turn Barnsley into a Tuscan hill village as an example of how the EU wastes money, but this comes fairly close:

The European Union has given £79,000 to a Danish businessman to build a ski slope - on an island where snow rarely falls and there are no high hills.

Ole Harild lives on the island of Bornholm, in the Baltic Sea, which is known for its sunny climate and lack of snow.

Mr Harild had been unable to go skiing abroad one year with his wife because of work and came up with the idea of building his own Alpine ski run for the island.

Not thinking it would come to anything, Harild put in a request for an EU subsidy in the winter of 2006.

"I never thought they (the EU experts) were going to back something so crazy," Ole Harild said.

"But since the money had been released there was no reason not to go ahead with the plan."

With the money made available Mr Harild bought a machine to mark out the run, a snow blower and 80 pairs of skis and boots for hire.

Unfortunately, the run was open only for one day last winter but Harild said that in spite of predictions of global warming he lives in hope that one day cold weather will return.
Yeah. That will be a cold day in hell. Last year I could go skiing or sledging with my son excactly... Zero days! And Bornholm are quite a few metric miles south of where I live.
A couple of hundred ears ago you could walk between Sweden and Denmark on the ice over Öresund, they call it the little icetime. And while there are temperature drops globally, let's just hope that we will not be able to do it again.
During the Viking times wine ranks growed here, in spite of not burning fossile fuel.
This years summer has been the coldest and wettest since the 40:s.
But still, EU handouts are been given away for crazy projects like this. It's my money you bastards!
Dang! Give it away to our senior citizens instead, or give the kids in schools better food, or give it to the army , the police force, the fire fighters- what ever- just hand it out to something that really matters.


Brrr! Bad vibes

Britons should be subjected to random carbon spotchecks and intensive surveillance of their diets, transport and waste disposal habits, says the Government's architecture and design quango in a new report today.

The word "monitoring" occurs 19 times in the 32-page publication by the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE). If the proposals in the report What Makes An Eco Town?are implemented few aspects of life will go unrecorded.

CABE says the strict monitoring is needed to ensure the carbon footprint of the eco-town dwellers remains at one-third of the British average, which is the requirement for what's called "one-planet living", the quango says.

Examples of monitoring include "the ecological footprint of the diet of 100 randomly selected residents", and the number of shops selling local produce. Waste disposal and transportion habits will also be scrutinized.

The Carbon Cult also wants to choose what you food you eat, and will carefully pre-select only the most righteous retailers. Veggies will be pleased to read that the report recommends "actively seeking retailers on site who will commit to supporting residents in reducing the ecological footprint of their food consumption, in particular providing a wide variety of healthy, low meat and dairy options."

One statistic that won't be recorded is the mortality rate from suicide caused by living in such a grimly regimented and obsessively monitored environment. Or maybe that's the plan. The Government proposes 15 such towns to be built for over 100,000 citizens.

An eco-town resident fails to reach the perimeter

An eco-town resident fails to reach the perimeter

As we have already reported, other eco-town restrictions include a 15mph speed limit for vehicles , and toilets that don't flush. Residents would also be "fined" for leaving the eco-town.

You can download the report from here - and it's well worth a read. It has the zeal of a Maoist revolutionary order, as written by the most anally-retentive bureaucrat who ever lived. ® Huh? Registered? See if I care!

But otherwise it is a good article from The Register.

The eco heads never seems to begin to amaze me. It's the same snow slush over and over again.

"The polar bears are drowning!" While all evidence points out that the arctic polar cap in fact growes. And that the polar bears seen swimming in the oceans are in fact trying to get the hell out of there- it's to cold!

"The gulf stream is slowing down." No it's not. Because the artic regions are getting colder, the gulf stream are in fact speeding up! It's the temperature differences that are the motor.

"We have a global warming." Yes. The global temperatures has rizen with 0.5 degrees Celcius since the 18 hundreds. Thing is that the global temperatures has fallen with 0.5 degrees during the past twelve months.- But of course that has to be because of the global warming?

"We need alternative energy resources." YES! I'm in with that. But not as the green heads think. I don't want any polluting alternative energy resources like wind turbines or solar cell panels that are built with oil energy. I want clean cheap energy from nuclear power plants (ultimatily fusion power plants).

"We are hungry, we have no food." So go and buy some in the frigging store then! And don't you dare to buy any of that eco- crap which only strains the economy even more. And as we all know; money equals energy spent, and every erg of energy spent equals a certain amount of "pollution", may that be CO2 from car engines or acids from burning wood.

"We should use electric powered means of transportation." Well, were do you think the electricity comes from? Some wizard doing magic with his knees?

Grrr; I could go on, but I'm hungry and will eat some absolutely non eco- food.

Sicko II

To morrow is the last day of my sickleave.


If it were not for the fact that my leg is as bad as ever...

I have not got any appointment for MRI.

I have not got the recall appoitment.

I have called the hospital three times now, but noone can give me any answers.

They say that they will call me back but nothing happens.

I'm in limbo!

Sure I could probably crutch my way to the office. But I would pay hell fpr that afterwards.

There are no buslines (well there are, but that would be a two stop 40 minute ride to travel 700 meters). I had to stop munching the pills the doc gave me as they screwed with my head (not to mention my liver). So I'm back on ASA preparates, and while they help a little- they can't make me do polevaults...

So for the third time:
Michael Moore! Come here- I wan't to have a word with you!
Arrgh! Blogspot are screwing with the formatting- again. That too!

I'm called back to the orthoapediac clinic tomorrow. Great! That's another $42 I have to spend for someone to tell me what I allready know.
Heck! Just give me that MRI!
Cut the leg off!
Put me to sleep!
Just do something!

And there is absolutely no way, NO WAY to get in contact with my doc. I don't even know if it's a he or a she anymore. Last time it was a she, but tomorrow it will be a he.

And all the while I'm loosing money because I can't work.


There is a crisis

Volvo has layed off 3000 people due to diminshed sales in the wake of the financial crisis.
Can it be that they went on the SUV trend to late, and have not a reasonably cheap mid or mini class car in production!

Anyway- now our government has descided to pump in 1.5 billions to Arbetsförmedlingen (a state employment agency) to counter the effects of the lay- offs.


Why not give every lay-off half a miljon instead. They could start their own companies, go live in Thailand or what ever. Then we would not need the beurocrasy, the governmental agencys and the government itself to meddle in these peoples lifes with work- shops and "work finding courses".

And as ever. It's MY money they are giving away!
I'm a net tax payer!
If I really have to give away people money that are not needed, then I would rather give it to them myself instead of being filtered through the government and governmental agencys.

It's like- well tax me if you have to. But give the money directly to the poor bastards that need them to provide for themselves and their familys.

I know. Half a miljon is not much in this day and age, but atleast I could take one heck of an vacation while pondering over what I would do next...

Here is another idea:
Why not give the 1.5 biljons to Volvo?
Nah! Bad idea. the money would probably fume off faster than frost on a wolfs testikles.

Magnus Uggla

Here is a video from one of the pioneers of Swedish glamrock/punk musicians. It's in Swedish, but give it a chanse. Magnus is 54 years old and comes from a prominent noble family.

Varning på stan/Look out down town

From my comments section

Some very smart words from jmk

It's very difficult to dialogue with many of the Liberals here in the U.S. Pela, as they deliberately seem to seek to villify those they disagree with, rather than to dialogue at all.

I'd hope it's better elsewhere. The few Scandanavians I've met have been very reasonable people.

The American Left (as exemplified by the likes of Michael "Sicko" Moore and Al Franken) are extremely misguided people, who often appear to be more malevolent than merely wrong-headed.

Reasonable people can certainly disagree with America's foray into Iraq, but to deny that radical Islam is at war with what it sees as "the decadent West," is quite another thing.

Typically, the American Left sees that as "Muslim-bashing."
< <>

Right now, I'm looking at the global credit crisis and for anyone interested, it started right here in the U.S. and it ISN'T "a failure of Capitalism" as some have suggested, as America hasn't had a "free market" since 1912...we've had a government-regulated market-based economy since that time and have alternated beween Keynesian (a more government regulated system) and Supply Side (more market-based system) since that time.What has caused the current debacle is "credit-socialism" or "lending affirmative action" BY the government! BOTH American Democrats and Republicans supported more loans being made available to more low-income, high-risk borrowers, so they re-tooled a 1979 law called "The Community Reinvestment Act" to force private banks to lend more money to more high-risk borrowers.THAT resulted in the "subprime" mortgage mess - "subprime" refers to subprime or UNCREDITWORTHY borrowers not the interest rates, which are ultimately higher rates.The part that the two American GSEs (Government Sponsored Enterprises) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac played in all this was (1) backing, then buying and ultimately fraudulently packaging them for sale to financial markets worldwide as "U.S. Government-backed mortgage instruments."Of course, the folks at Fannie and Freddie KNEW that the U.S. government was unable to back up or guarantee the $1 TRILLION in bad/high-risk loans before they packaged and sold them - that's the fraud.When savvy investors saw all those financial institutions holding all that "bad debt" they swooped in to short-sell (in effect bet that the stock prices of those entities would fall) and as the stock prices tanked for those companies, most of them couldn't get the short-term credit they need to exist.What we have is a FAILURE of government OVER-regulation and TOXIC regulation, and NOT a failure of any market-based initiatives nor the private sector.Ironically enough, at least here, the media is misreporting this as "a failure of the market" and, in effect, supporting MORE Keynesianism for a problem rooted in Keynesian policies!

I'll be following his blog- Workingclass Conservative- and I suggest that all you others should too.

Addendum: Yankee Doodle made this comment to this (by the way he has an excellent blog here- don't miss it):

A very interesting analysis.

I would add one thing: The Federal Reserve is supposed to monitor loans, and make sure they go to creditworthy applicants. Banks that consistently lend to customers that don't meet the standards are supposed to be identified, and the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors is supposed to suspend such banks from the use of the credit facilities of the Federal Reserve System.

But, this didn't happen.

All the current members of the Board of Governors were appointed by President Bush; four of the five were in place by 2006.

It's just like 9/11: if they had done their jobs, they could have prevented it, but they didn't; now, we are being stampeded in the direction we are supposed to run because of the crisis which they allowed to develop.

And, some key people are making big money out of all this -- just like happened with 9/11.

It's not a question of regulation, although excessive government involvement in the economy played an important role; it's corruption.

Economic 9/11?


Oh Boy!

Watch this video with Miss Li


Feeling grumpy

My leg hurts, I'm being bithched at and I don't have any money. Anyone want to trade?
I have been in combat over the last few days over at HAX plogspot (Swedish), where he initially stated that we should accept 17 chinese former prisoners from Gitmo.

I said that "Why the hell do we want terrorist suspects in our country?"
The responses were an uproare.
Iv'e been called a nazi, an idiot, a bigot, a SD hang-on (which I'm ceartainly not- I'm not a socialist!) and other... Well, not so cosy things.

Thing is; Even if the 17 chinese are unguilty (which they probaly are not- atleast not all of them)- they are released because of technical reasons. Yes, they have been inprisoned for 7 years, and now is up for release. That does not mean that they are not guilty- just that they could not be prooven guilty!

They are muslims who were taken in Afghanistan (I belive), no one knows what they were taken for, but I don't think that the USA army would spend any energy or money on a wild goose chase. 7 years of inprisonment equals a lot of money!

As a matter of fact, if you are an illegal combatant- which all the insurgents are- then you have no rights at all! The Geneva convetion-nill! The human rights convetion- nill! ASO,ASO.
That the forces in Iraq and Afghanistan still complies with these conventions is not only stupid but also mortaly dangerous.

The prisoners at Gitmo are up to 90% guilty as sin. And yet they release 90% of them.


And this years winner of the Nobel prize in litterature is ...

Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio.

Horray! Finally!

[Sarcasme mode off]

What the heck? Who is this guy? I've never even heard of him! Nor have I of the past two decades of Nobel litterature laurates, not before- nor after (except for that crypto- nazi guy who got it a couple of years ago). What are they thinking in the comiteé?

I guess it's the same thinking that has got Peanuts, yassir arafat, ANC, UN and gore the peace prize!
Ok, ok- it's the Norwegians who gives them away. Wonder who it will be this year? Usama Bin Ladin? Vladimir Putin? Hugo Chavez? Kim Jong Il?
It would not surprise me at all...

On a side note, non of the 1.4 gazillion muslims in the world has scored this year- again!


Barrels of money

Talk about a failed state!
Zimbawe now has an inflation rate of 531 billion percent - that´s right, 531,000,000,000%.
And this is a state who Sida is giving aid to generously (I,m not sure how much, but probably 100-140 miljon SEK). At the mean time, the lunatic Mugabe surley are not eating... WEll whatever the general people of Zimbawe eats- that is when they can find anything to buy on the store shelves in the country- he looks more like a lobster and champagne guy to me.
This used to be one of the richests countries in Africa before Mugabe and state socialism.

But it is probably the "imperialistic" wests fault.

In a way it is.


In a couple of months the government there would crumble to pieces.
Yes. It would probably take a while, and in the mean time be painful. But then with a little luck the people of Zimbawe would not have to take a wheel barrow full with money to the store to buy that loaf of bread that might or might not be avalible for purchase.

But on the other hand, some other crooked guy would probably take over that we would keep pouring money over...

And the people of Zimbawe will be kept starving while the leftards in the west keeps cheering along.


Back from the court

Back from the court after 4 hours of waiting and then 15 minutes of interrigation. Holy crap! The lawyers are really making some money, don't they?
It was my first time in a "real" court. They asked me if I was to claim any money for being there- and I was like; I'm on sick leave- so I can't be granted any money. But you bastards stole a day of my life! How much is that worth?

Also, I was called in as a defence vitness. Let's just say that my testimony did not please the defence lawyer.

Sigh, double sigh...

The Assyrians of Södertälje

Here is a very thought provocing article from GOV.

Fjordman also vrites in the comments section the following:

"Meanwhile, mass immigration continues at full speed. Miljöpartiet de Gröna, the Swedish Green Party, want a "world citizenship" to replace national citizenships, they want totally free migration on an international basis, global taxes and a strengthened United Nations to ensure a just world order.

They also have a strong focus on anti-discrimination and racism, and desire harsh and swift penalties against "discrimination" (yet apparently soft penalties for many other crimes). They want "religiously neutral" holidays (no Christmas or Easter) and education against racism and discrimination to be taught in schools. No "bigotry" against any group of people (except whites, and white men in particular, presumably) will be allowed, and all forms of bigotry ("hets mot folkgrupp") should be banned by law regardless of where it is voiced. Among the forms of racism they specify that should be aggressively stamped out is "Islamophobia."

However, since they are realistic people, they understand that all forms of racism on a global basis cannot be stamped out until we have completely dismantled the current "racist world order" and replace it with a new and just world order where none suffer and the poor are no longer exploited by the capitalist system.

They state explicitly that the very concepts male and female are 100% "socially constructed" and forced upon all human beings. In order to reach this new world order of social justice, it is paramount that all artificial identities are broken down. This should be facilitated by the education system and specially trained teachers catering to children from a young age.

The Green Party believe that "all human beings" should be free to choose whatever name they desire. By this they seem to mean not only names, but also "gender." They want absolutely everything to be "gender neutral," not only marriage ceremonies but identity cards.

I assume this means that I should be able to pick a female name on my identity card and that the state is oppressing me if it doesn't allow this. Since such artificial labels contribute to the exploitative world order of poverty and global warming, one must assume that people will starve in the Sudan if I cannot call myself "Mary" or "Christine" on my driver's license."

Indeed; The greens in Sweden are schizofrenic. They are represented by my ex high school teatcher Peter Eriksson. Sporting a beard (naturally), going around in eco-clothes (like that makes any better eco- imprint!) and drives a 10 year old gas-guzzeling SUV! He is the mastermind of Botniabanan- a multi biljon single track railroad project between Ångermanälven (Ångerman River) and Umeå that nobody wants or need, at the same time he for some reason opposes high speed train tracks to be built between Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. He just don't realize that money equals energy spent. Making things expensier only means that more energy will have to be spent if we want to keep our living standards and then we will pollute the environment even more.

But of course it is easy to promote for higher petrol prices and city tolls when you your self does not have to pay for them, and also are lifting a handsom govermental salary.

Sorry for being extra- grumpy. I woke up at 03.50 AM. My leg hurts and I can't sleep and I have to crutch my way to the witness stand later on this day. It's not one of my best days so to speak...


It's soon time for it again

Pretend to be a timetraveller day.

You must spend the entire day in costume and character. The only rule is that you cannot actually tell anyone that you are a time traveler. Other than that, anything's game. There are three possible options:

1) Utopian/cliché Future - "If the Future did a documentary of the last fifty years, this is how badly the reenactors would dress." Think Star Trek: TNG or the Time Travelers from Hob. Ever see how the society in Futurama sees the 20th century? Run with it. Your job is to dress with moderately anachronistic clothing and speak in slang from varying decades. Here are some good starters: - Greet people by referring to things that don't yet exist or haven't existed for a long time. Example: "Have you penetrated the atmosphere lately?" "What spectrum will today's broadcast be in?" and "Your king must be a kindly soul!" - Show extreme ignorance in operating regular technology. Pay phones should be a complete mystery (try placing the receiver in odd places). Chuckle knowingly at cell phones.

2) Dystopian Future - This one offers a little more flexibility. It can be any kind of future from Terminator to Freejack. The important thing to remember is dress like a crazy person with armor. Black spray painted football pads, high tech visors, torn up trenchcoats and maybe even some dirt here or there. Remember, dystopian future travelers are very startled that they've gone back in time. Some starters: - If you go the "prisoner who's escaped the future" try shaving your head and putting a barcode on the back of your neck. Then stagger around and stare at the sky, as if you've never seen it before. - Walk up to random people and say "WHAT YEAR IS THIS?" and when they tell you, get quiet and then say "Then there's still time!" and run off. - Stand in front of a statue (any statue, really), fall to your knees, and yell "NOOOOOOOOO" - Stare at newspaper headlines and look astonished. - Take some trinket with you (it can be anything really), hand it to some stranger, along with a phone number and say "In thirty years dial this number. You'll know what to do after that." Then slip away.

3) The Past - This one is more for beginners. Basically dress in period clothing (preferably Victorian era) and stagger around amazed at everything. Since the culture's set in place already, you have more of a template to work off of. Some pointers: - Airplanes are terrifying. Also, carry on conversations with televisions for a while. - Discover and become obsessed with one trivial aspect of technology, like automatic grocery doors. Stay there for hours playing with it. - Be generally terrified of people who are dressed immodestly compared to your era. Tattoos and shorts on women are especially scary.

And that's it. Remember, the only real rule is staying in character and try to fit in. Never directly admit you're a time traveler, and make really, really bad attempts at keeping a low profile. Naturally, the dystopian future has a little more leeway. And for the record, I've already tried out all of these in real life, in costume. It is so much fun you want to pee yourself. I've set the tentative date for December 7th. Who's in?

Out of respect for my friend falcon_01, I have changed the date to the 7th, which is his birthday.
Game on!


I have earlier blogged about Sida and have wrongfully adressed the organisation as a NGO. I'm sorry for my mistake.

Sida (sometimes SIDA but not officially spelled with capital letters) is a Swedish governmental agency that answers to the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Sida is an acronym for the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (or in Swedish Styrelsen för Internationellt Utvecklingssamarbete).

Sida is responsible for the bulk of Sweden's aid to developing countries.

They are the ones responsible for sending "aid" money to countrys like Russia, who has the second largest capital reserve in the world. To the space nation China and to various other crooked states and dictatorships.

SIDA has to spend a 100 million ($16.7 million) every day on "projects".

Now it has been revieled that Sida are the one government organisation that spends the most on representation. Every Sida personel spends on average 8000Kr anually ($1231) on representation! I have discovered that there are some+ 625 people emplyed by Sida, that equals some 5 000 000Kr ($769 230).

This is tax money! My tax money! If they can't do anything usefull with it- I wan't it back!



I was just watching a kids show with my son. It was about animals, my son likes animals so he liked it. One of the hosts who obviously was a green head, said that we could sleep with cows, and then we would not need heat or electricity.


I noticed that he himself wore a PET- fleece jacket. I hope that it keeps him warm during the Scandinavian winter...

This is so stupid on so many levels that I can't even begin to count them. Give him a cow and me a nuclear plant and let's see who are better off after a year.

Our criminal system

A 24 year old was given 150 000 in compesation a month ago for being arressted for a knife murder.
He was let loose in spite of admitting that he was on the place and had the victims blood on him; that was because there was another man with him and they blamed eachother- so they both walked away.

He got the money in September and now the 24 year old are arrested under suspicion of knife murdering again.

2001 he was centenced to juvenile care for two knifings.



Fingers in the cookie jar

Today my son said that he wanted to open the vacuum cleaner.
I said no; but he still did it.
It showed out that the bag inside was broken and dirt and dust fell out of the machine.
Then I limped away on my crutches to get the broom.
When I came back he was standing in the mess.
I asked him what he was doing, and he told me that "He did not see it."
I went out of the room for a spade to collect the mess.
When I came in to the room again my son was sitting in the crap littered on the floor.
I asked him again: "What are you doing?"
"I did not see it!" was his answer.

Kind of remindes me of the financial crises we have now...


More EU Madness

The Italian province Calabria gets regional support from the EU. The reason is that Calabria are concidered a poor region.

Now Calabria has descided to use 17 miljon krowns (roughly $2.6 miljon) of that money to sponsor the Italian national soccer team.

Some of that money comes from me! I'm a taxpayer. I do not want to pay taxes to sponsor another countrys soccer team!

Those 17 miljons should emediatly be retracted and paid back to the taxpayers if Calabria can't find more important use of them.

Hat tip to HAX


Mystery ship

Piracy in Somalian waters are not uncommon, but this story is interresting.

The MV Iran Deyanat was brought to Eyl, a sleepy fishing village in northeastern Somalia, and was secured by a larger gang of pirates - 50 onboard and 50 onshore. Within days, pirates who had boarded the ship developed strange health complications, skin burns and loss of hair. Independent sources tell The Long War Journal that a number of pirates have also died. "Yes, some of them have died. I do not know exactly how many but the information that I am getting is that some of them have died," Andrew Mwangura, Director of the East African Seafarers' Assistance Program, said Friday when reached by phone in Mombasa.

News about the illness and the toxic cargo quickly reached Garowe, seat of the government for the autonomous region of Puntland. Angered over the wave of piracy and suspicious about the Iranian ship, authorities
dispatched a delegation led by Minister of Minerals and Oil Hassan Allore Osman to investigate the situation on September 4. Osman also confirmed to The Long War Journal that during the six days he negotiated with the pirates members of the syndicate had become sick and died. "That ship is unusual," he said. "It is not carrying a normal shipment."

[Waht goes around- comes around]


Just came back from the orthopediac clinic- they did not tell me anything that I did not allready know.
The doc said to me; "You have a ruptured Baker's cyst".
I was like "Err, yeah- that's what I'm here for!"

That cost me $42. I will have to go back "sometimes in the future" for a MRI scan- which equals- another $42. After that operation, rehab and so on, and so on.

Luckily I wont have to pay anything more after the $130 limit. Exept for the 5 000 bucks I pay anually in taxes and the cost for medicine (not much- but still).

I'm also on sickleave for the coming 14 days- which means that I will only get 80% of my salary.

Don't ever, ever get sick in a country with "free" healthcare!

Michael Moore- come here! I want to have a word with you!

ARRRGH! Now I'm on crutches too. I hate those bastards (the crutches)...